Cos (cos) wrote,


On Tuesday, I went to lunch with nchanter. When we got the check, I saw that it was for $19.70, and said "1970, that's the year I was born". She blinked and said "wait, I thought you were 32!". It's true, when I figure my age, I usually have to subtract 1970 then add a year because my birthday is so late in the year. I started to respond with something like, "Yes, I am 32, because my birthday is in late November so it hasn't come yet" but then I stopped myself mid-sentence.

I had started to figure how long it would be until my birthday, and realized, it was that very day - Tuesday was November 25th. Oops! nchanter was highly amused, and also paid for my lunch.

That evening, I went to dinner with her, to meet a reporter. The reporter bought us ice cream, and bought her friends an ice cream pie, and the total for our ice cream and her pie was also $19.70

I often forget my birthday, and I usually don't do anything for it. But this time the universe conspired to remind me, and it was a very amusing birthday experience.

(Yeah, seeing nchanter twice in the same day is pretty unusual. I'm not complaining!)

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