Cos (cos) wrote,

Brussels Film Student's Thesis: Street Harassment

Sofie Peeters, a film student at RITS in Brussels, did for her final thesis a film about the street harassment she encounters when walking in her neighborhood. She was interviewed on the Flemish TV program Terzake, who then played her entire film on air:

[Edit: I think LJ is having trouble embedding this video. If you see a big blank space here, click the link above and watch the video there.]

It's a mix of Flemish and French with English subtitles, except for one part in the middle where it's French with Flemish subtitles. That's the part where she asks two groups of men why they impose crude comments on women walking by. Here's a Google Translate of the Flemish subtitles - of course this is a bit of broken telephone, since even the subtitles aren't excellent to begin with (according to commenters who speak Flemish), but it should give you the gist of it.

Translation of subtitles of Sofie's dialogue w/harassers:

    - Some even marry very young. But until that moment, there is time to fill. It's nice to make them as complete.
    - If a girl is so easy to decorate, you should not think that long term. These are girls for two or three days. To see what we can do. A nice brunette. What tanned. With delicious buttocks. Tasty tetten. The naughty sluts.
    - Blabla ... You talk to her. "Give me your phone number. See you tomorrow". So I do just that. And that works?
    To be honest, in 99% of cases, we would never succeed.
    - And why not, do you think?
    - We are often twenty, that's a lot.
    And women rely on stereotypes about Arabs. They know that, well ...
    - How can I make it clear that I do not want?
    - You must say you're already taken. That you are married. And then you show your hand.
    - But I'm not married.
    - Wear a fake ring. Pretend. Not everyone, but many have respect for a married woman. The let them rest.
    - So I need a man to calm down the street to walk.
    - Let me talk.
    - You are a woman. Have you looked in the mirror before you went outside?
    - Yes
    - If no one would look to, Would you still feel bad?
    instead of thanking us, "Thank you I do feel like a woman". Instead you come here us the lesson games. - But hey tis not that way you do me like a woman ..
    - When I was young, I do not feel abandoned. I would catch you.
    ---- What should I do to not being addressed?
    - There is only one solution. You must pay me per hour, and I walk behind you.
    If anyone speaks badly, then I make him.
    ---- But as a woman? Is there anything that I can do?
    --- You just silence. If you say something back,
    they're sure as someone who asks. Z
    et a headset, like all other girls. And let them talk.
    - But I will not let them talk.
    I do not like it so to be spoken to.
    And if I do not respond, they call me a whore.
    - A beauty who thinks ... Pity.
    - But I do not think so. They are the men who remind me so.
    - No ma'am, you're so. The men have you done nothing wrong.

Someone posted a YouTube clip from her film to reddit, where a good discussion ensued, including lots stories about experiences with street harassment. [Tip for reading reddit discussions: You can click on the "[-]" next to the vote arrows for any comment to collapse that comment and its subthreads.]

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