Cos (cos) wrote,

recommend a place for a sorta-vacation?

On the one hand, I have a 5 day weekend: We have Wednesday through Friday as a company holiday at work.

On the other hand, I'm secondary on call for a week starting Thursday. Secondary means I am not likely to get many calls, or perhaps even any calls, but I still need to be available to take a call and get online within ten minutes and work.

I'd like to find a pretty place to take someone for a couple of days, not far from here, where we could stay and relax and hang out and pretend to be on vacation while still being able to work on short notice. Ideally such a place would be/have:

- Within about a 2 hour drive from Boston

- Good wifi and/or very good Verizon signal

- Convenient indoors & outdoors; indoors with a desk and AC and power and stuff, outdoors just a doorway or porch away with pretty nature

- DVD player with TV, or screen that easily takes video from a MacBook, so we can watch movies

- Water, particularly swimmable water, like being on a lake or stream. Water that is even a short drive away is not practical; water we could go in but still hear a phone and get back indoors within minutes would be excellent

Do you know a place like that to recommend?

Edit: What I mean by "a place" is a specific place, rather than a general area where such places might exist. I know the area (Berkshires, Cape, Maine, etc.), I just don't know specific places to stay that are like I describe. I'm sure there are plenty, but there isn't an easy way to search online by those characteristics, so they're hard to find when I don't already know them.

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