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We are hiring a lot more tech people, want to work here?

The department I work for is looking for software developers, cloud engineers, SREs, product managers, and probably a bunch of other roles I haven't thought of. If you may want to come here (virtually), let me know and we can talk about what it's like, and I could refer you.

I've been working at McGraw Hill since early 2020. A couple of years before that, it was basically an educational textbook company, with a software division on the side doing online education software. When I joined was right around the time that digital products were passing 50% of the company's revenue, and now it's getting closer to ed-tech company that still does a bit of textbook publishing on the side.

The digital products division, which I work for, is explanding a lot over the next year, and we have a lot of openings. It's a pretty nice place to work. It doesn't pay at the same tier as Google-Apple-Amazon-Facbook, but if you have the background and skills to work at one of those companies, this is a place where you can be an opinion leader and make a big difference, and with less effort. It's a more relaxed job, yet still exciting, and with great coworkers. It's exciting because the digital products leadership has been really good, and thoughtfully shifting the whole organization from its old traditional dev vs. ops vs. IT practices and software on dedicated servers in data centers, to a more cooperative developer+SRE way of working, with software running in containers on cloud, and etc. I've seen a lot of change in this direction in the past year and a half, including reorganizations, and it has been done much more smoothly and thoughtfully and well than I've seen at most organizations I've been at. It's also exciting because there's more to go, and I can shape or drive big parts of it - and so can anyone else here who wants to.

Tech-wise, it's mostly on AWS with some things still in older data centers, lots of javascript front ends, some mobile apps, many back end APIs and pipelines in a mix of Go, Java, Python, and a smattering of other things, newer services on either kubernetes or ECS or serverless (lambda), and a variety of acquisitions at different stages of integration.

A lot of these jobs are full remote. The main offices are in New York City and Columbus, OH. Engineering had been mainly in Seattle and Boston but they decided to close both of those offices and convert all the Seattle and Boston based employees to full remote, and my group also has people in Germany and Argentina and other faraway places. Most of my coworkers are near Boston, NYC, Columbus, or Seattle, but I think we're open to hiring from just about anywhere now.

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Paid in full

I just got today, in the mail, my "paid in full" papers for a mortgage I refinanced (and thus paid off in full) in August 2019.

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Our social media

Just copying this from Twitter and leaving it here...


    Just learned there is a YA book coming out soon in which a teen looks for clues about her birth mother in HER DAD’s LIVEJOURNAL. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt older than in this very moment.

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Room available in Central Sq again

I posted elsewhere but forgot to post here too!

Know anyone who wants a small inexpensive room in Central Square near the T? My small bedroom is available again, but Ceila and I are here less than half the time, so whoever stays here would get the apartment to themselves a lot of the time. I posted on craigslist for $600/month with Internet included, though if it's someone I already know and trust I would go a bit lower.

I'm probably going to give it to one of the people who responded on craigslist very soon, unless someone I know (or their friend) is interested.

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May 20th

Earlier this week I intended to make a post this morning noting that it is now two weeks after Ceila and I got Moderna shot #2. That is still true, but it turns out today is also the day my father died. Both are things I have known were coming for about the same amount of time.

In April 2014 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We thought he had a year, or two. He got the Whipple operation, which can often give people a couple more years. He got 7.

He completely beat the cancer, and it never came back, but the whipple procedure has some damaging effects that hardly ever make themselves felt because so few people live this long after having it. Last year, one of those after-effects acted up in spring and into summer and we thought we'd lose him, but he cheated death again. I spent 4 months in Boston and returned to Seattle when it looked like they had it beaten and we'd got some more years. But another, related problem kicked in this April.

I learned about it shortly after Ceila and I got the first Moderna shot in early April. When we came back from that adventure, I wrote my parents to tell them about it, and that I'd come out to visit them after full immunity in late May. A few days later, they got in touch to tell me that late May might be too late, if the hospital couldn't figure out some treatment option. I flew out in April instead. The night before my flight is when we learned that there were no options, and this was it. When I arrived, we didn't know if he'd have a week, or a month, just that it was very unlikely to be much more than a month.

He stuck around for three more weeks of mostly coherent and able to hang out in the living room and have conversations. Many friends visited. Two sets of family from Israel visited. He made it to his 79th birthday, Friday. Monday evening, it still seemed like he might even make it to June, and we were still having conversations. Then on Tuesday night his condition took a dive, and he lasted less than two more days. He had reached his goals of getting to see everyone important to him in the last few weeks, and he did not want to linger.


A good friend just flew out of town yesterday to spend time with her mother who is on hospice care, also from pancreatic cancer.

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Know anyone who wants a room in Central Square?

A couple of rooms available one of my 3-bedroom apartments in Central Square, Cambridge, for the summer.

It's just a couple of blocks from Mass Ave and the T, but on a very quiet block. Shared laundry in the basement.

One of my tenants on the 2nd floor wants to stay for the summer, after their current lease ends on May 31st. I told her I'm happy to extend for 3 months, if she and whoever she finds to sublet will pay the full rent, so she's going to do it if she can find people to take the other two rooms (or one person to take both, or whatever arrangement). Currently, the other two rooms are paying $980/month, so it'll probably be approximately that.

If you know anyone interested, I can put them in touch with her.

(And if she can't find people and commit to extend soon, then the whole place is available June 1st, for 3k/month)

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Vaccination adventure

Ceila became eligible for making a vaccine appointment at the beginning of the month, while I'm still not eligible (to even make an appointment) - she has health conditions, something I pretty much entirely lack. Usually a good thing!

She searched, couldn't find any appointment slots near us in Seattle, so searched farther and farther out... and found one for April 8th! ... in Sequim, WA, 2.5-3 hours away by car, including a ferry ride (or 3 hours the long way, without the ferry).

I've been to Sequim once before, a long time ago, on my own - it's near Port Angeles and the northern section of Olympic National Park, which I've wanted to go to again with Ceila for the past few years but we hadn't done yet. Excellent excuse for a day trip, with her appointment in the late afteroon so plenty of time for a nice hike if we left early.

Riding a ferry was pretty cool, it's been probably more than two decades since the last time I was on a car ferry. Even better: We had to stop and wait for orcas! Ceila actually spotted them on our side of the ferry (we were parked by the edge) well before the announcement, so we got to watch them for a while. And since we'd been planning to hike, we had our good binoculars.

Near the end of the ferry ride we also saw a pair of pigeon guillemots appearing to kiss. Kind of turning around each other and touching beaks gently several times.

We did get the planned hike, from a lake up to a nice waterfall. And then her vaccination appointment, at the pharmacy inside a huge Safeway supermarket. And then, as I was getting groceries waiting for her to come out... she came and brought me back there to get a shot. They had a few no-shows earlier in the day, this was now the end of the day, and they had to use their extra doses before they expired, so I got one that was meant for someone that morning probably.

Now we both have appointments for Moderna shot #2 in Sequim in early May. I think we'll go out there the evening before and stay in a motel and have more time. It'll be the beginning of shorebird season! And perhaps more of Olympic will be open (a lot of it is closed for winter still).

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