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    Thursday, January 1st, 2037
    12:00 am
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    Monday, August 26th, 2019
    8:02 am
    3-bedroom apartment available in Central Square
    The apartment I posted about in May was filled in June, but now there's another in the same house, very similar, just on the top floor rather than the middle floor.

    - 3 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, about 1200 square feet.
    - $3300/month (so $1100 per bedroom)
    - On the 3nd floor of a 3-family house.
    - Laundry in the basement, shared by the 3 units.
    - Cats okay, as long as they don't (much) scratch wooden parts of the apartment such as doorframes.
    - No smoking.

    It's two blocks from Mass Ave in Central Square, a very short walk to the red line, but on a very quiet street. As I wrote in May, this puts it close to groceries, buses, T stop, late night food, hardware store, banks, clinic, live music, post office, city hall, tailor, eyeglasses stores, shoe repair, clothing stores, and so on - all less than 10 minutes walk away.

    Available for moving in later this week, you wouldn't have to wait until September 1st.

    Do you know anyone who may be interested?

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    Sunday, June 9th, 2019
    7:27 pm
    All those dogs that are "very friendly"
    Every once in a while when I encouter someone walking a dog and I back off a bit, they respond by telling me "he's very friendly!" Yes, I suspected that, that's what I'm afraid of. I'm backing off to let you pass because I don't want a dog climbing my leg, and you as a dog owner probably can't even imagine that. What they should say to put me at ease is "he/she is very standoffish! Don't worry, he/she doesn't want to slobber on you or climb you." I would prefer knowing that it's an unfriendly (though nonviolent) dog.

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    Tuesday, May 14th, 2019
    4:08 pm
    3-bedroom apartment available in Central Square
    Do I know anyone interested in renting a 3 bedroom apartment close to the red line in Central Square? Or do you?

    - On the 2nd floor of a 3-family house.
    - 3 bedrooms, living room, 1 bathroom
    - Kitchen + eat-in dining room combined (there kitchen counter is between them).
    - Gas for cooking. Hardwood floors. Dishwasher & fridge.
    - Laundry in the basement, shared by the 3 units.
    - Here are some pictures.
    - Cats okay, as long as they don't (much) scratch wooden parts of the apartment such as doorframes. Dogs maybe, if they're quiet.
    - No smoking.
    - $3300/month (so $1100 per bedroom)

    On a very quiet, tree-filled street. We have bird feeders in the backyard and get a nice variety. But it's just two blocks from Mass Ave, very short walk to groceries, buses, T stop, late night food, hardware store, banks, clinic, live music, post office, city hall, tailor, eyeglasses store, shoe repair, clothing stores, and so on.

    Available for moving in in late May, or June, or July if I don't find anyone for June soon.

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    Monday, April 15th, 2019
    5:33 pm
    Facebook account mysteriously vanished
    Someone in a Facebook group I moderate emailed me just now to let me know that they don't see me listed as a moderator anymore, and can't find my profile to message me. I went to Facebook to look, and it says "page not found" when I try to view my profile. It also acts like I'm not logged in, but when I try to log in, it takes me to the form for creating a new account.

    Earlier today, less than 2 hours ago, I posted a video of some friends' band to my Facebook profile, so I know it was fine then. I don't know what happened, but if you noticed me missing there and know I have this account here, now you know.

    Does anyone know how I can report this to Facebook and get my account restored? I've Googled for answers but am not finding anything helpful so far.

    P.S. https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907 is a form for "My Personal Account Was Disabled" but Facebook's documentation says if my account were disabled, I'd see a message to that effect when I try to log in. Instead, Facebook acts as if my account doesn't exist at all. And indeed, when I try to submit that form, it gives me an error: "This email address does not belong to a disabled account".


    Oddity #1: Facebook is still sending me email notifications, to the same email address that has been on my account for years. Even notifications about people asking to join the group I created and moderate, asking me to approve new people.

    Oddity #2: When I try to log in with my correct email address and password, it just takes me to the front page of facebook.com, where it prompts me to log in or sign up. But if I try to log in with the same email address but an incorrect password, then it gives an error message, "the password you've entered is incorrect". So it still has my login information.

    I submitted a question at https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/357439354283890, no idea if they'll see it and write back.

    UPDATE: 3.5 hours later, they responded to that request. I got an email "help us confirm your name", and my profile popped back into existence. The link from the email prompted me to confirm that the name I'm using is my real name, and to upload a photo of ID, which it said I needed to provide within 7 days.

    So, did Facebook somehow think my name wasn't my real name, but their system was super buggy and it couldn't actually tell me that and ask me to provide ID until they got to my support request? Or, did something else happen to my profile, and they put it into this "confirm name" state as a way of reactivating it? No idea. Very strange, and very buggy.

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    Friday, February 15th, 2019
    10:49 am
    [personal profile] aroraborealis' annual anonymous confessions post is on dreamwidth this year (as it was last year). Add something interesting or fun, without telling us who you are! https://aroraborealis.dreamwidth.org/1104504.html

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    Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
    9:48 am
    Schultz running would probably hurt Trump's chances
    Lots of talk in the past couple of days about former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz saying that he may run for president in 2020 as a "centrist independent" - and a lot of it is calls for him not to screw up our chances of defeating Trump by running as an independent.

    Now, I agree that he is not an especially appealing candidate. If he doesn't run at all, I don't think we'll be missing anything. This rather snarky article summarizes it pretty well. But if he did run as an independent, I think he'd be much more likely to hurt Trump than to help him.

    When Trump got elected, he was very unpopular. He got a lot of votes from people who didn't like him - but also didn't like Clinton. That was a very large chunk of the vote, people who disliked both candidates, and Trump won that group by a large margnin, which is one of the things he depended on to be able to squeak by and get narrowly elected.

    We hear a lot about Trump's approval rating being in the 40s, and recently dipping into the high 30s in several polls due to the shutdown. But more importantly, disapproval of Trump (which is not just everyone who doesn't approve, since there are always some people who are neutral or undecided) has been above 50% for two years.

    It seems very very likely that Trump disapproval will stay above 50% through the rest of his term; to win, Trump will once again need to depend on people who disapprove of him choosing to vote for him. An independent candidate like Schultz, one who is portrayed as running as an independent primarily because he doesn't like Democrats proposing to raise taxes, is probably exactly the alternative that dissafected conservatives would go for. People who don't like Trump but are inclined to vote for him despite that, because they can't see themselves voting for a Democrat or don't like the Democratic candidate, are pretty much the only group I can see Schultz appealing to in any numbers. If he gets any significant number of votes, I bet it'd be mostly from them.

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    Saturday, January 26th, 2019
    1:05 pm
    LiveJournal/Dreamwidth use poll
    A rare livejournal-only post!

    When I posted this poll last week, I didn't realize I had default settings on my account that only allowed people with dreamwidth accounts to vote. I think I fixed that now? If you couldn't vote in it last week, try again and let me know?
    Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
    11:07 am
    Are you on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or both?
    Nearly two years ago, I imported all of my LiveJournal posts to Dreamwidth and switched to posting there rather than on LJ. That was when the Russian owners of LiveJournal changed the rules to ban "political solicitation" and started cracking down on LGBTQ posters and critics of Russia, and a lot of people moved off LJ because of that. But I kept automatically crossposting my dreamwidth posts to LJ.

    Sometime later, I shifted to mostly just reading on dreamwidth, and stopped checking my livejournal friends page. I realized recently that some of the people I used to read haven't actually moved, and I hadn't noticed because to me it looked like they (you?) just stopped posting! But now I see that even though a few people are crossposting like I am, there are some people I read who are only posting on one site or the other, not both. That also leads me to wonder where people are reading.

    If you read this on LJ and can vote in the poll on dreamwidth, please click over and vote :)
    But I'm interested in your comments about your use of these sites, in addition to the poll.

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    Sunday, January 6th, 2019
    8:20 pm
    Places 2018
    There's this social media tradition of listing all of the cities and towns or other locations you've spent the night at in the previous year. I usually haven't participated, but I had a very travelly year so I want to think back and try to remember all the places...

    USA, roughly west to east:
    Captain Cook, HI
    Kailua, HI
    Volcano, HI
    Seattle, WA
    +Montesano, WA
    Aberdeen, WA
    +Forks, WA
    +Lacey, WA
    +North Bend, WA
    +Stevenson, WA
    Portland, OR
    +Cascade Locks, OR
    Sunnyvale, CA
    +Menlo Park, CA
    San Francisco, CA
    Homestead, FL
    Florida City, FL
    Atlanta, GA
    +Savannah, GA
    Powder Springs, GA
    New Lebanon, NY
    Cambridge, MA
    Framingham, MA

    +Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
    +San Carlos / Arenal, Costa Rica
    +San Jose, Costa Rica
    London, UK
    +Rotterdam, Netherlands
    +Warsaw, Poland
    Haifa, Israel
    +Chorazim, Israel
    +Ra`anana, Israel
    Kfar Saba, Israel
    Jerusalem, Israel
    Eilat, Israel
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    "+" if I've never spent the night there before 2018. Though that includes a few places I had been to or thorugh before, just not overnight.

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    Sunday, December 23rd, 2018
    5:26 pm
    Support National Parks through their nonprofit partners
    Looking to protect nature in the USA, or want to make some year-end charitable donations? Our National Parks need help!

    During this government shutdown, National Parks are keeping their gates open though visitor centers and other services are closed. Some park rangers are even working without pay, but the majority of staff are out and there's a risk of more damage to the parks as they remain open and unsupervised. National Park funding in general has been very weak in recent years, not only during the Trump administration but also the years of Republican congresses before that.

    You can't donate directly to a national park, since they're funded by the government (you can donate to the government but can't direct that money to any particular purpose). However, nearly every park has a partner nonprofit organization. These groups do a lot of things you might think are solely funded by the park service:
    • Hire interns for the National Park.

    • Fund trail repairs and facility maintenance.

    • Organize cleanups and invasive species removal.

    • Run activities for visitors, like guided walks.

    • Fund research and conservation projects.

    I donate to Friends of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the South Florida National Parks Trust (supporting Everglades, Dry Tortugas, Biscayne, & Big Cypress). FHVNP is especially in need of funds now, after several months of more active eruptions and daily earthquakes in the first half of 2018 wrecked a lot of park trails and facilities that the National Park Service is not going to have the money to repair and reopen. And South Florida is one of the most ecologically interesting and sensitive areas in North America, under threat due to large cities and lots of industry.

    You can donate to those two, or search for the nonprofit partners of some of your favorite National Parks, or ones that you know need protection. And tell me about some of them!

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    Thursday, August 30th, 2018
    10:52 am
    Nika Elugardo for State Rep - and to change the MA House
    If I had been able to arrange my life such that I could spend some time in Boston in July & August, I probably would've found a couple of days to go volunteer for Nika Elugardo. She's in a Democratic primary against incumbent Massachusetts state rep Jeffrey Sanchez, in the 15th Suffolk District, which goes from JP to Mission Hill with a chunk of Brookline south of Route 9.

    I see here not only an excellent candidate, but also an opportunity to nudge the whole state legislature.

    We have this long-running problem in Massachusetts where the House, despite its large Democratic majority, repeatedly punts on important legislation or pares back necessary reforms. While we have quite a few wonderful progressive House members, they're a minority, and House leadership has often either been conservative or, for whatever reason, seemed to try to avoid embarassing situations for Republicans (especially Republican Governors) by protecting them from having to vote on or veto legislation they don't like.

    Jeffrey Sanchez is the relatively new chair of House Ways and Means, making him one of the most powerful members of the House, and he really seems to be part of this. I'm extremely disappointed in him. For example:
    • The MA Senate added several important protections for immigrants to the state budget, by a large majority. We really need this now! But the House wouldn't even bring those measures to a vote, so the House version of the budget didn't have them. As chair of Ways & Means Committee, Sanchez was one of the leaders of the conference committee to work out the final budget from the House and Senate versions - and the immigrant protections weren't there. He said there was no "consensus", but we're pretty sure there was a very solid majority for these provisions in the House, just as in the Senate (if only there had been a vote, maybe we'd know!). Baker clearly didn't like it, and maybe some conservative Democrats in the House didn't either, and because of Sanchez and speaker DeLeo, they were saved from having to actually take a stand one way or the other. Baker's shiny image would've been tarnished if he vetoed the budget over his objections to protecting immigrants, but signing it might have hurt him with his base, so Baker I'm sure is happy to be able to evade that. But now we have another year without these protections.

    • State law gives state employees the right to collective bargaining, but due to a technicality, public defenders aren't considered covered by that definition, even though they are paid by the state. So they can't unionize. They're severely underpaid, their case loads are too high, and there's lots of attrition. A very simply and straightforward bill to clarify that they have the same right to unionize as anyone else who works for the state, just sat in Ways & Means for the entire session. Despite a flurry of phone calls (including a few from me) in the final week, when many bills get reported out of committee, this one was stuck there and never got a vote.

    When I spoke to someone at Nika Elugardo's campaign, they were already very familiar with and knowledgeable about both of these issues, and others. She's been talking about them on the campaign trail. If she can beat Sanchez in an upset, his failure to get important legislation through his committee, and the whole general habit of House leadership of dropping progressive legislation on the floor to protect conservatives and Republicans from embarassment, will be highlighted. Other legislators will see that this endangers their seats, even if they're powerful and supposedly safe for re-election like Sanchez.

    Take a look at Nika Elugardo's policy section. She advocates for ranked choice voting, important criminal justice reforms, single payer health care, protections for immigrants, and investing in the T - another thing the state House has hobbled over the years, even when we had a governor (Deval Patrick) who really tried. Unlike Sanchez, she really seems like she will work for the things she's talking about.

    Are you in Boston? Maybe you can find a half day between now and Tuesday to volunteer for Nika!
    (You can sign up here, but they may be overwhelmed in the final days, so you could also call at 617-971-8743 if you don't hear back soon)

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    Wednesday, May 30th, 2018
    11:07 am
    What's happening to children at the border
    Several different stories hit the news last week about the border patrol and related agencies doing awful things to children, and now is an excellent time to do something about it while it's in the news and there's a lot of public outrage. But I also see a lot of confusion because these different stories all got reported at once, so first I want to disentangle it a bit. Here are the three main stories about this from last week:
    1. An ACLU report revealed many cases of abuse of children who had arrived at the border unacompannied - including threats, denial of medical care, and physical violence. This is not new; the ACLU report is based on document from 2014 and earlier. What's new is that they just published the report, after taking a while to get the documents from the government in the first place, then read and analyze them all. One of the things they stress in the report is a "culture of impunity" in Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), meaning these abuses will continue.

    2. The Trump administration has a new policy of forcibly separating families who arrive at the border together, something they had been doing sporadically for a while and are now doing systematically. Even very young children are forcibly taken from their parents and imprisoned separately.

    3. A story about 1475 "missing" children. However, most of them, maybe all, are probably not actually "missing". These are children who arrived at the border unaccompanied, in the past. They were transferred to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR - a part of the Dept of Health and Human Services), whose job was to find sponsors for them to live with, often while waiting for their immigration cases to be processed. ORR tries to find a relative living in the US to place them with, but when no relative can be found, they may place kids in temporary shelters. ORR did a cursory survey of about 7500 kids that had been placed with sponsors or shelters in recent years, and did not get responses or accurate up to date information about 1475 of them. Most or all of those kids are probably living with relatives, and many may not want to be contacted or found by the government.

    4. As a result of the "missing" children story, another news story from several years ago came back: In 2016 it was discovered that one of those temporary shelters has placed some children with human traffickers in 2014. This was during a huge wave of unacompannied minors arriving at the border, due to a surge in violence in several Central American countries; the system was overwhelmed, and they weren't doing thorough enough checks on who children got placed with. After this story broke in 2016, reforms were made to vet placements better, but also, the wave of unaccompanied minors slowed down, so they got less overwhelmed. (Although if this new policy of separating kids from parents also turns into transferring them to ORR, maybe they'll get overwhelmed again?)

    Hearing about all of these all at once led to a lot of confusion, which could misdirect anger in unproductive directions, when there's a lot of reason for anger. One understandable and common misunderstanding was "they're taking children away from their parents and losing track of them and placing some of them with traffickers!" Nobody has reported such a thing happening.

    Also, the "missing" children aren't a problem, per se. It used to be that ORR was explicitly told *not* to cooperate with immigration enforcement, to make it easier for them to find relatives to place children with - relatives who may be scared of dealing with immigration. But the Trump administration has changed that, so that now, if ORR can find these children, it may deport some of them, or deport their sponsors, or someone else living with them. Many of them now have very good reason not to want to be found. So the fact that ORR's very low-effort survey ended up with "we don't know" for 1475 kids doesn't mean much.

    Misunderstandings aside, there are horrible things in this news. Most importantly,
    • Children and parents are being forcibly separated at the border!

    • Abuses like the ones that happened until 2014, are likely still happening.

    Thase are the things to organize about now!

    Begin by calling both of your Senators and your US Representative ASAP.
    You can look up their numbers by state at senate.gov and by ZIP code at house.gov

    Pick one of the above for your call. Either tell them it's immoral and inexcusable to forcibly separate families at the border, and they should demand the CBP stop doing that, or tell them you're horrified at the stories of abuse of unaccompanied children by the CBP and they need to put in place effective policies to prevent it.

    The next day, call them all again, but this time about the issue you didn't call about the first time.

    Next, find people you know in other states and districts - especially ones represented by Republicans, who need the most convincing and are the ones most in a position to do something about this - and urge them to call. One by one, text or email or call your friends and ask them to call.

    Donate to a bunch of groups working to help kids at the border: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kidsattheborder

    Plan to attend a March for Stolen Children on June 14th.

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    Sunday, March 18th, 2018
    1:26 pm
    My one brief experience trying Lyft
    We're going to the airport. Unlike in Boston, the trip to the airport in Seattle is long and annoying with public transit, so if we have large bags we drive or take a cab. Maybe we could try Lyft this time?

    I open the App store on my iPad and search for Lyft. Uber app pops up as first hit; no Lyft app. Oh, maybe they only have an iPhone app, and the app store is stupid... I change preferences to look for iPhone apps, and there it is. I install it.

    Open up the Lyft app, and it asks me to enter my phone number, which it will verify with a text message. I enter the number of my Android phone and it just does nothing. Maybe this is one of those ridiculous apps that verifies by sending itself a text and checking for it automatically, which of course can't work on iPad because you can't SMS an iPad? But it has a "log in with Facebook" option, worth a try.

    Try logging in with Facebook. It complains that there's no Lyft account associated with this Facebook account, so I need to create one first, using a phone number.

    I'm not going to use an app that can't be used on my iPad at all, but maybe I can register on my Android phone and then log in to the same account on the iPad? I find the Lyft app for Android and install it on my Android phone.

    Open up Lyft on Android, again the prompt for a phone number, but this time it suggests a number! Without looking, I say yes, and nothing happens. I try again, nothing happens. Then I realize - wait, this is not this phone's number! This is the phone number of my old Treo phone!

    Okay, so I reject the suggested number, and now it prompts me to enter one. I enter my Android's phone number. It turns red and the app complains, "please enter a valid phone number". I double-check the number, it's correct. Try again, same thing.

    We call a taxi company, and they take us to the airport.

    P.S. Does anyone know of a decent app-based taxi/rideshare service we could use in Seattle? In Boston, we use fasten, but they're not in Seattle. Uber has been too loathsome a company, I'd feel too icky using them. Lyft's app is crap. Anything else we could try?

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    Monday, January 22nd, 2018
    5:41 pm
    A word that isn't cool yet
    Hipsters are said to like things before they were cool. Now that everyone knows about the thing, to the hipster it's no longer cool.

    We're looking for a word for someone who's on the other side of that. They get into things that were cool, but whose cool-time has passed. Now people think "what, someone's still into that?" ... and that's when this person gets into it in the first place. Suggest a good word for that?

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    Tuesday, December 26th, 2017
    9:11 pm
    Jessie cat's week
    One of those posts that's more for me than for anyone else; I wanted to get this all written down while it's still clear in my memory. Also, a place to point people to if they want to know how Jessie cat's last week went.

    Read more...Collapse )

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    Sunday, December 24th, 2017
    2:05 pm
    Jessie Cat is gone
    jessie cat sleeping curled up
    This is Jessie Cat. She finally succumbed to the FIV she's had since my then-housemate and I first found her on our back porch in late 2007. She was the nicest sweetest cat and I'll write more about her later. For now, here she is sleeping sweetly earlier this week.

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    Saturday, August 5th, 2017
    3:59 pm
    More scientists in Congress next time?
    Almost ten years ago I posted about scientists in Congress - at the time, there were four. I posted again four years ago, when Rush Holt was running for US Senate. His leaving Congress brought the number of scientists down to just one the following year.

    Originally starting from just curiosity, I was dismayed by how few there were! I knew there weren't enough, since it was already showing quite obviously by 2007 that Congress did not have enough scientific perspective, but I though out of the 535 there would be, maybe, 15-20 scientists. In fact I don't think we've had more than 5 at the same time in decades. Maybe the next Congress will change that?

    Donald Trump's War on Scientists Has Had One Big Side Effect: More than a dozen Democratic candidates with scientific backgrounds are running for Congress.

    This article conflates "scientists" with a broader range of STEM fields. We actually already have a few engineers in Congress, and this article includes engineers, as well as doctors (of which we have even more - but many of them clearly don't have a scientific outlook). But even if you discount those, there are more people with a science background running than anytime I'm aware of, at least in decades. Let's keep an eye on this and see how it turns out in 2018.

    P.S. The only scientist I'm aware of in Congress currently is Bill Foster, the same one who was first running for the office when I posted ten years ago. Are there any others you know of?

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    Friday, June 30th, 2017
    12:01 am
    Alternatives to Simple's credit card
    I'm looking for a credit card with these features:
    • Presents itself as a credit card (compatible with holds, car rentals, etc.) but acts like a debit card, drawing money from its own account. If there's no money in that account, it fails to work. No bills to pay.

    • Has a web UI, iOS app, and Android app, all three of which give access to all of the features below:

    • Easy scheduled transfers to or from any of my regular bank accounts.

    • Remotely instantly disable or re-enable the card, at my whim.

    • Clear transaction log that shows all transactions, even from a minute ago, and gives the time of each transaction, not just the date.

    • On mobile, instant notifications for every transaction.

    I have a card from simple.com that does all of that, but I'm looking for other alternatives. I've called a few banks (like Capital One) and haven't found anything else that does all of these. Do you know of any?

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    Saturday, June 17th, 2017
    10:13 pm
    Where are these bridges?

    Four photos from a very old folder. Based on the date, I'm fairly sure I took them on the flight home to Boston from attending Minicon in Minneapolis with [profile] silentmachine. But I can't find any record of that flight so I don't know what stopover city I might've gone through. Click on the image to see all four photos; do you recognize those bridges?

    Edit: Commenters have identified the first bridge as the Throgs Neck Bridge and the second one as the Verazzano Narrows Bridge (both in NYC).

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